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Anti Hero Skateboards "Classic Eagle- White" 8.75" Deck


Anti Hero Skateboards "Classic Eagle- White" 8.75" Deck


Setting up your 8.75” Deck as a complete you will need Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Griptape and Mounting Hardware. Below are compatible options along with our best advice to set this up correctly for any rider.
Trucks: Be sure to choose from the 8.75” compatible trucks listed below

-Independent 159’s
-Thunder 151’s
-Venture 6.1’s
-Bullet 150’s

Wheels: Soft wheels (78A-87A) are suggested for beginners or anyone spending their time on rougher pavement.  Harder wheels (95A-104A) are suggested for advanced riders, anyone wanting to learn tricks that require sliding or anyone spending their time on ramps and skateparks. Generally speaking, riders with the intentions of learning and doing tricks typically use a wheel between 53mm-56mm in diameter. Wheels on either side of this size recommendation could be proportional to larger or smaller decks or could just be preferred by an experienced or particular rider. You can accomplish a smoother and more predictable ride by using a soft wheel (78A-87A) in a diameter larger than 60MM, but in doing so it requires a riser pad and it makes learning tricks a little more difficult.  

Bearings: All bearings manufactured for Skateboarding are very good. Regardless of the price point every option is one that you can buy with confidence. Our preferred Bearings are “Bones- Reds”, “Bones- Super Red” and anything by Bronson.

Grip Tape: Jessup and Mob grip in black are our Griptapes of choice but the graphic and clear Griptape are higher quality than ever. So do not hesitate to customize your deck with one of our many choices.

Riser Pads: Risers act as a lift kit for your skateboard, they create distance between your wheels and deck. Risers severely reduce your chances of wheel bite. Risers are a great choice for riders with more height and weight leverage. Below are our suggestions on what riser to pair with your assembly base off of wheel size.

50mm-56mm: No Riser
56mm-60mm 1/8” Riser
60mm-65mm 1/4” Riser
65mm and above ½” Riser

Mounting Hardware and Risers Pads: Every board needs Mounting Hardware to be assembled. Below are compatible options based off of riser size.

1.0” Standard Hardware is compatible for boards using no riser or a small 1/8” riser pads
1.25” Hardware is compatible for boards using 1/4” riser pads
1.5” Hardware is compatible for boards using 1/2” riser pads